Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Brain Tumor forum

Med Help has recently launched a new Brain Tumor forum. Questions in the forum are being answered by doctor Michael Lim from John's Hopkins. In researching this, it appears that this is the first brain tumor message board that is being moderated by a doctor and especially compelling is that he is from a renowned medical institution- John's Hopkins.

In reviewing the Brain Tumor forum, the questions and answers appear to range from; what's wrong with me/do I have a brain tumor? to more in depth Q&A from those that have been diagnosed (e.g. Diffusely Infiltrating Low Grade Glioma (grade 2) - astrocytoma)

Such a poorly understood disease- at last some professional support.


Bill said...

Johns Hopkins was recently named the #1 Hospital in America for something like the 15th straight year. It's great that their doctors are donating their time and expertise through the Med Help's Brain Tumor Forum!

I've said this for a long time, MedHelp is the most helpful health website on the Internet!


invierta en franquicias said...

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