Monday, September 8, 2008

Ask the Doctor- Ear, Nose & Throat, Hepatitis C, and Liver Transplant

Mount Sinai Medical Center has teamed with  in opening up three new (free) ask the doctor forums:

Ear, Nose & Throat
Hepatitis C
Liver Transplant

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vjw757 said...

Problem with throat.
There always feels like there is something in my throat. When I run ill make it about half a mile to a mile depending on the pace. At that time will start gagging/coughing/choking. The cough is like a really harsh cough. I can’t run through it. It’s also very hard to breath during this.
Sometimes I can just touch that spot on my throat to trigger whatever this is. It’s not only when I’m running. It’s also during sit-ups, or while trying to touch my toes, doing flutter kicks, etc.
It’s not always a physical thing either. Just having something rubbing my neck makes me want to start gagging. It’s always worse in the mornings I think. Me being in the military have days where we ruck march (or walk really far for you civilian types). In the morning I have to go take my ruck sack out to my truck. When I pick up my ruck sack I can make about 5 feet before I start gagging. Ill rest for a minute and carry it the rest of the way, some days it will require another rest.
So it’s not just a physical thing as in running or working out. It’s also like just have too much of a strain on the body can trigger whatever this is.

I have been to an ENT (Ear, Noise, and Throat) doctor. He took a camera and looked down my throat and said he saw nothing bad other than a little redness. The he stood behind the chair I was sitting in an started to massage my throat and I starting doing the gagging/coughing/choking thing almost inmedently. After that he sent me to Gastro, They did an upper GI and said it was normal. The ENT doctor also suggested speech therapy. So that is my next step I guess. Can anyone help me or knows what this is? I’ve had it this for long while now and I can’t get anywhere in my military career with this.
I can be reached at vjw757 [at] gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

I always hated having stuff around my neck. I found that I had something similar to slight asthma. It is more like a gag reflex when air, especially cold air, goes down my throat from running or exercising.

I use an Albuterol inhaler now and that helps tremendously.

When they figured out my problem they used something to measure my lung capacity, something I blew into.

Hope this helps

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